Greek Shield Key Chains

Our shield key chains are inexpensive but are of high quality and durability.  You can select from our die cut style or our medallion style.  Both use enamel for colors.  A heavy split ring is used on both styles.  Both styles measure approximately 1 1/2" tall.  Custom orders accepted.


G812 - Gold

G813 - Gold

G814 - Gold

G815 - Gold

G816 - Pewter

G817 - Gold

G818 - Silver

G819 - Gold
G820 - Gold G821 - Gold

G822 - Gold

G823 - Silver

G824 - Pewter

G825 - Gold G826 - Gold

G827 - Silver

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The colors shown on your monitor may vary from their original color or appear faded.  
All items delivered are assured to follow each organization's color standard.

New products continually being added.
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We manufacture custom emblems, patches, chenille, hand embroidered bullion, appliqués, woven labels, lanyards, metal pins, pendants and recognition jewelry.
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